Staying in Central Pattaya

Staying in Central Pattaya

Pattaya Central & Second Road

Map of Pattya showing entral Pattaya and Second Road
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Despite being close to the city’s main tourist district, this region has seen little building development over the years and is consequently afair bit quieter than the rest of the bustling downtown area.

With quite a lot of un-groomed vacant land , the scenery is not too inspiring but it is arguably no less so than the rest of Pattaya’s urbanised areas and, away from Second Road, the absence of tall buildings does allow for lots of sunshine and impressive skies at sundown. Note : (update Sept 2014) there now appears to be quite a few high-rise developments in progress though, as yet, it's still the quietest part of the central city district.

Staying at the North End of Second Road

Quieter area with value hotels
Quiet Roads in Central Pattaya

It may not be the most attractive region or the most convenient to the action but staying in this area may still be a good choice for those who would prefer a higher standard of accommodation for less than they would pay nearer the beach. This would be especially so for vistors who have their own transport or who are comfortable using taxi bikes as then all of the downtown hotspots are just a matter of minutes away.

Near the centre of the region is a collection of medium-priced hotels including the Amari Nova Suites and KTK hotels that offer quite high quality for the price. These hotels also have golf-cart shuttles to ferry guests to the likes of Second Road or the Big C shopping mall which greatly reduces the inconvenience of being off the main transport routes (Note : check these services still apply when booking). There are also a few good options within easy walking distance of Second Road such as At Mind and Centara.

While Second Road is a main baht bus route its worth noting that it’s a one way sytem heading north so if you wish to travel south you have to catch a north-bound bus and stay on it until it turns back onto the south-heading Beach Road. Usually this will not add a lot of time to the journey but at busy periods it could cost something like another 10 or 15 minutes. If the traffic looks to be moving slow it might be worth the extra effort of walking down to Beach Road if you want to go south.

Our Choice of Hotels In the Central & North 2nd Road Region

LK Royal Suite Hotel - as with most LK properties the Royal Suite Hotel offers well appointed and extra spacious rooms at reasonable rates.The setting is fairly quiet but nearby baht bus routes down Pattaya Central Rd or Soi Buakhao make it easy to reach most other areas of the tourist district. Well-rated by most guests.

April Suites Pattaya - A 79-room hotel that offers great value for money in a quiet but handy location near Second Road. For near budget prices the accommodation standard is quite high. Guest reviews are mostly glowing.

Amari Nova Suites - Spacious, nicely decorated apartment suites complete with amenities such as kitchenettes and washing machines. Located in a quiet area with on-demand golf-cart transport to the main roads being provided by the hotel. Highly rated by most guests and very reasonably priced.

KTK Royal Residence - Clean, comfortable rooms that are well-appointed considering the low rates charged. Guest reviews are mostly positive.

KTK Regent Suites - Next door to the KTK Royal Residence the KTK Regent Suites offers similar but slightly more upmarket accommodation. Guest ratings are generally good.

At Mind Serviced Residence - In a handy location just a short walk from Second Road, the At Mind Residence offers great value for money with spacious, quality rooms at very reasonable rates. Guests reviews are usually very good.

Map showing hotels at the north end of Second Road in Pattaya
Highly Rated in Customer Reviews - Pattaya Central & Second Road Hotels

LK Royal Suite Hotel

April Suites Pattaya

Amari Nova Suites Pattaya

KTK Royal Residence

KTK Regent Suite

At Mind Serviced Apts