Staying Near Soi Buakhao

Staying Near Soi Buakhao

Soi Buakhao, Soi Diana & Soi LK

Map of Pattya showing area around Soi LK and Soi Diana
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Sometimes overlooked by first-timers, this is a favourite location of many regular visitors to Pattaya and because members of this group generally like to avoid paying inflated tourist prices, the cost of most things including accommodation, restaurants and bar-drinks tends to be lower than Pattaya’s other tourist areas.

Bars and restaurants are dotted along much of Soi Buakhao but its the area in and around its intersection with Soi Diana (see map) where most of the activity is. Soi Diana, which leads down to Second Road, is full of bars while the L-shaped side road, Soi LK, is home to quite a few more including a growing number of gogos.

With its local nightlife, cheaper prices and fairly easy access to entertainment further afield this region has plenty to recommend it, especially to the budget-conscious traveller.

Staying Near Soi Buakhao & Soi LK

A Cheaper part of Town with its Own Nightlife
Soi Diana near entrance to Soi LK Nightlife area

The most interesting part of this region for many people will be the busy nightlife area surrounding Soi LK and the upper half of Soi Diana. Staying near this location will give convenient access to plenty of local bars as well as a large number of restaurants specialising in basic western food with “english breakfasts” advertised practically everywhere.

While its not a district with many hotels there are a few nearby that offer good value for money with the Areca Lodge probably being the most popular. More upmarket but still well-priced for the standard are the LK chain hotels which have some large apartment-style suites complete with kitchen facilities.

A feature of this part of town is that it has an abundance of “long-stay” lodgings (often above bars or restaurants) some of which offer quite nice rooms for bargain monthly or weekly rates. For travellers on a tight budget or on extended stays in Pattaya these can be a great way to reduce costs though possible downsides are lax security and services so careful investigation would be advised before renting.

Usually these establishments will not be bookable through on-line travel sites but its probably best to do it on a walk-in basis anyway as it will allow you check the accommodation before committing to stay. Note : also check whether power, room cleaning etc are included in fees.

Our Choice in the Soi LK & Soi Buakhaow Region

Intimate Hotel by Tim Boutique - mid-priced, small hotel centrally located on Second Road within walking distance of most points of interest in the tourist district including the nearby nightlife of Soi Diana and Soi LK. Mostly positive reviews from guests.

Areca Lodge Hotel - Very popular with regular visitors to Pattaya, the Areca offers comfortable accommodation with good facilities including 2 nice swimming pools at very reasonable rates. Its location next to the bar areas of Soi Diana and Soi LK would probably appeal more to partygoers than those looking for relaxation. Good value for money and gets mostly positive guest reviews.

LK Renaissance Hotel - spacious and classy rooms for a lot less than you might expect to pay in other locations. Other facilities in the hotel are not extensive but the swimming pool, though a little small, is very nice. Located next to the bars of Soi Diana and only a short stroll to Second Road this could be an ideal base from which to enjoy Pattaya's nightlife. Generally good ratings from guests.

LK Metropole Hotel - a 153-room hotel next to Soi LK and Soi Diana nightlife areas that offers a good standard of accommodation for the price. The location, though handy to most things, would probably suit partygoers most. Reviews are mostly good.