Staying at Jomtien Beach

Staying at Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Beach

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Just to the south of Pattaya Beach and only a short ride over Pratamnak Hill on a baht bus is the more picturesque and even longer Jomtien Beach.

Spanning much of its 6km length is a large and still growing number of high-rise condominiums which from a distance gives the impression of a major city. The reality, however, is that they are quiet, often almost empty residential complexes and the only real activity in Jomtien is in the area at the western end where shops, restaurants and bars line the first kilometre of the beach road.

This small town area has enough shops to cater for most holiday needs including pharmacies, hairdressers, mini-marts and plenty of clothing market-stalls. Dining is also well covered with a wide variety of international and Thai cuisine on offer at the many small restaurant-bars spread along the beach road and its side streets.

At night Jomtien is fairly quiet compared to Pattaya but that in itself appeals to some who are happy to enjoy a meal in one of the peaceful seaside restaurants or perhaps a few drinks strolling around the local bars. Others, however, make a nightly trip to South Pattaya and the likes of Walking Street which can be reached easily by jumping on one of the many passing baht buses.

Having what is generally considered to be Pattaya’s best beach along with its lazy village-like ambience while still being fairly handy to downtown Pattaya makes Jomtien one of the most popular places to stay though for those who want to be close to the nightlife staying in town might be a better choice.

Staying Near Jomtien Beach

A More Peaceful Alternative to Pattaya Beach
Jomtien Beach near Pattaya, Thailand

Jomtien has appeal either as a self-contained seaside resort or as a base to explore the rest of Pattaya without having the stress of staying in a busy city.

The majority of its hotels are fairly inexpensive two to three-star establishments though prices do tend to be higher than you would pay for this standard of accommodation elsewhere in Pattaya.

Also available for short-term holiday rental are apartments in some of the many high-rise condominium blocks (eg View Talay). Sometimes quite spacious with features such as kitchens and balcony-views these may be a good option for those who do not require all the services of a standard hotel. On the other hand, people who do want a full services hotel should be aware that this type of accommodation is on offer so they don’t choose it by accident.

Most accommodation is located along the western section of the beach with the town’s shops, and nightlife being within walking distance. For hotels further away however, its still quite easy to reach this area or even downtown Pattaya by hopping on one of the many baht buses that cruise the beach road. Note : the eastern third of the beach is extremely quiet and not so well serviced by public transport.

The westernmost strip of the beach beyond the town area is called Dongtan Beach even though it is merely an extension of Jomtien Beach. Known as Pattaya’s gay beach (though not exclusively so) it is quite a pleasant area and home to some of Jomtien’s more upmarket hotels including the highly-rated Rabbit Resort. This is a handy location with both the town area and the main baht bus routes being within easy walking distance.

Our Choice of the Best Hotels Near Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Beach Penthouses - located close to the beach, this small block of apartments (60 rooms) offers nice accommodation and facilities (pool, gym wifi) at great rates. For people who don't wish to pay extra for a full hotel experience , serviced apartments like this can be the ideal choice. Guest ratings are mostly good.

Jomtien Boathouse - a budget hotel right on Jomtien's beach road with some rooms having sea view balconies. Comfortable, quiet and handy to transport. Good value for those who don't need too many frills. Customer ratings are generally good.

Nirvana Boutique Suites Hotel - a small (30 rooms) boutique hotel with spacious and nicely decorated rooms in a quiet soi within walking distance of the beach and shops. Mid-priced with generally good reviews from guests.

Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel And Resort - a 723-room hotel located right at the north end of the beach central to local shops and restaurants. Good swimming pool, comfortable rooms (some with sea view) and its handy location near beach and shops make this hotel worthy of consideration. Reviews are generally positive.

Avalon Beach Resort - one of Jomtien's more upmarket( though still not overly expensive) hotels. This 79 room hotel is located in a very quiet area next to Dongtan Beach and just a short stroll from the Jomtien's commercial centre. Reviews are mostly good.

Rabbit Resort - an extremely popular up-market hideaway resort in a lush green setting next to a private stretch of Dontan Beach. Quiet and secluded, its still only a short walk from the main transport route and Jomtien's shops. This establishment gets consistently glowing reviews from guests.

Map of Hotels at Jomtien Beach, Pattaya
Highly Rated in Customer Reviews - Jomtien Beach Hotels

Jomtien Beach Penthouses

Jomtien Boathouse

Nirvana Boutique Suites

Jomtien Palm Beach

Avalon Beach Resort

Rabbit Resort