Where to Stay in Pattaya

Where to Stay in Pattaya

Choosing the Best Place to Stay in Pattaya

Map of thailand showing location of Pattaya

Before choosing where to stay in Pattaya it pays to be aware that not all parts of town are ideal to stay in. The city is spread over a large area with much of it being well away from the tourist activities so some care needs to be taken when picking a hotel or you might find you have to negotiate major traffic congestion on a daily basis.

For people who like to spend most of their time relaxing around their resort’s pool this won’t be such a problem and staying “off the beaten track” can be a good way to get higher quality for less money but, for most people, being within easy reach of the beach and nightlife will probably make their Pattaya holiday a lot more enjoyable.

When it comes to choosing one of Pattaya's hotels everyone will have their own criteria. Some may want to stay as close to the nightlife as possible while others will place a higher priority on getting a good night’s sleep and prefer quieter locations. Fortunately, there’s a good choice of locales in the main tourist district that will cater for most tastes. This guide describes the most popular of these along with some carefully chosen hotels to help you find a well-suited one in an ideal location.

Pattaya's Most Popular Areas

Pattaya map of best places to stay

Pattaya's Most Popular Areas

Pattaya map of best places to stay

Near Walking Street, South Pattaya

Close to Walking Street's Nightlife
Walking Street at night in Pattaya, Thailand


Pattaya is crammed with bars, restaurants and other assorted night-time entertainment venues but its the wild nightlife around Walking Street in particular that most tourists flock to in the evenings. If you like to party most nights then staying nearby could be your best choice.  [Read More]

Central Pattaya Beach

Sun, Sea, Sand and Nightlife
Middle of Pattaya Beach Road Near Soi 8


The middle stretch of Pattaya's 3km long beach road is another nightlife hotspot with adjoining roads, Soi 7 and Soi 8 being the hub of the activity. For many people this area may be an ideal location in which to choose a hotel. [Read More]

North Pattaya Beach

The Quieter End of Pattaya Beach
The quieter norther end of Pattaya Beach


The quieter end of Pattaya's massive beach is home to some of Pattaya's best upmarket hotels. If you enjoy lazing around the pool at a large resort but would still like to have handy access to the rest of the city then one of the establishments in this area such as the Dusit or Holiday Inn might be a good choice.

Though quite a long walk from the busy parts of town, a steady flow of baht buses passing by means the shops and nightlife can be reached in just a few minutes for only 10 baht.  [Read More]

Pattaya Central

A Quieter Area with Great Value Hotels
Quiet Roads in Central Pattaya

Central Pattaya

This area of town stretches back from Pattaya's busy Second Road. Its not a particularly attractive part of town, does not have the have the beach or nightlife on its doorstep but its still fairly handy to them and does have some very good mid-priced hotels such as the Amari Nova Suites that offer quite a high standard of accommodation for a lot less than you'd pay nearer the beach. [Read More]

Soi Buakhao & Soi LK

Handy to Soi LK and Soi Buakhao Nightlife
Soi Diana near entrance to Soi LK Nightlife area


Often overlooked by first-timers this area is popular with Pattaya expats as just about everything is cheaper. It may not be the most scenic part of town but it does have its own busy nightlife scene along with value-for-money accommodation and a wealth of restaurants offering a wide range of cuisines. If you need to keep costs down then this is probably the best area in which to stay.  [Read More]

Jomtien Beach

Another Huge Beach Just Over the Hill from Pattaya
Jomtien Beach near Pattaya, Thailand

Jomtien Beach

With a nicer beach than Pattaya and a more laid-back feel to it while still being only a 15 minute baht bus ride to Walking Street, Jomtien is a popular choice for many including Thai people on weekend breaks from Bangkok. At certain times of the year it can get quite busy and noisy but the beach is so lengthy that its always possible to find peace and quiet somewhere. Though accommodation is generally not expensive, this area does tend to be higher priced than some others in Pattaya for the same standard.  [Read More]

About Pattaya's Main Roads

When staying in Pattaya’s main tourist district there are two busy roads that you will quickly become familiar with: the south-flowing Pattaya Beach Road and Pattaya Second Road which likewise runs parallel to the beach but carrying traffic northwards.

Together they form the main baht bus circuit which makes it so easy for tourists to travel around the area. Unfortunately, the constant stream of baht buses add considerably to the congestion of these already busy roads making Second Road in particular often difficult for pedestrians to cross.

Visitors staying at Jomtien will most likely spend a fair amount of time traversing Pratumnak Road which runs from the south end of Second Road out to Jomtien’s beach road. This too can become very congested especially in the late afternoon (approx 4pm until 6pm).

Pattaya's Baht Buses

Pattaya’s huge fleet of “baht buses” (songtaews in Thai) make up one of the easiest to use and most efficient transport systems you’re likely to find anywhere.

The baht bus is a small utility vehicle (eg Toyota Hilux) with covered passenger accommodation mounted on the back that holds about 10 people seated. On the main roads in the tourist district they typically file past in an almost constant stream. Raise an arm to flag one down and the driver will pull over long enough for you to step in the back. As soon as you see your destination press the buzzer, hop off and pay the driver.

They travel predefined routes such as a circuit around the one way system near Pattaya Beach and between Pattaya and Jomtien.

In addition to their role as a bus they will often be willing to provide a taxi service. Choose an empty one passing by and ask the driver but be sure to negotiate a fare before travelling.